Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Alaina! et al. incl. Maha, Sarah, Elisa

It's funny...I was just talking about methodfive a few posts ago, and Alaina Yoakum e-mailed out of the blue! She'd sent pictures of her new baby, Olivia, and new pictures of Sophie...both absolutely adorable, as much as I'd hate to say it, but probably the most beautiful babies I've seen, and I can only hope that my children (?!?!) will be that beautiful. I congratulated and thanked Alaina & Charles for beautifying this planet.

I guess I failed to mention Alaina because she was always sagacious and stayed under the radar, and wisely jumped ship as soon as m5 was acquired. In part, it was motivated by her desire to return to Marin, but nevertheless, a smart move on her part. I enjoyed her level-headed assessment of any given situation (even at m5, there were politics), and I was aware of her ability to keep herself removed.

That said, she was probably one of the nicest, sweetest women at the office -- I don’t have many stories to tell (as I do with, say, Matus or Halid), since our interaction was mainly chatting hushedly by her desk, almost as though we were people-watching...it's near an art form to tactfully do what Alaina can do, stay removed from the politics completely, yet avoiding being seen as aloof or disinterested in the affairs --

Anyhow, on other fronts, I also heard from Annika Croone, another Swede and a friend of Shug Hanemann's, and Melissa Ramsay and I are STILL playing phone tag -- but again, given that she's in finals right now, I'm not too surprised. I keep forgetting that both Melissa and Susanna Campbell were in Paris the same time Catie was and that they all knew each other fairly well -- Catie had mentioned she'd run into Susanna recently.

Speaking of Paris and that era, I haven't heard from Maha Chehlaoui in quite some time, which I'm sad about. It's been some (maybe two or three?) years since we last spoke, and I considered her a good friend for quite some time -- that aside, she's a good soul with an awesome sense of humor (I remember one time at one of our many themed parties at 215 College Avenue, wherein she and I marched up and down the narrow hallway in a Tango charge...plus, she's got an awesome laugh). Also, speaking of Paris and women I've lost touch with, I should mention Elisa Gilliam/Madsen...she had been such an important part of my life for so long -- I'll expound on that some more at another time -- but the last I saw her was in Paris, and as far as I know, she's in the South of France, which is where we'd had our big argument, in Nice and then in Cannes...

Elisa & Me at Choate Rosemary Hall, Summer 1989

That said, Sarah Griffin, who used to be one of our models, called from Seattle, and we talked for some time for the first time in a while. I'll get to her eventually in my chronological account of the sagas around FUEL new york, but, I will say she's a dangerous little thing. Dangerous, because she's a free spirit and is a little trouble-maker -- when we'd first met, she'd just turned 16, and she'd made it a point to tease guys, full well knowing that she was two years younger than the "legal age." However, it needs mentioning that she's a real sweetheart and a loyal friend. When I mentioned what happened recently with another business associate, she, again, as she did when the Jeremy Tick debacle occured, offered to beat the crap out of him on my behalf. Jokingly, we'd agreed that every new person I meet from then on would have to be stringently screened by her -- Sarah Griffin, an 18 year old waif, would essentially be my bouncer.

Nevertheless, just as Sarah Griffin, most all of our models stayed by my side (both as my models and friends) when all hell broke loose, but Sarah Griffin is one of the few that still stay in touch with me, aside Lee Zumdome, Ian E., Sergio Gatti, Jennifer Joiner, Inese, and Juliana Fine -- all of whom I'll mention more on later...



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