Sunday, May 02, 2004

Old Friends(ter)

O.K. so, to pick up where I left off...

Also this past week, I heard from Jacob Millard, whom I haven't spoken to in quite some time. He was one of my seven housemates at 139 College Ave at Tufts. Probably one of the smartest guys I know out there, aside from John Kolb, who was my freshman year roommate. I was glad to hear that Jacob really seems to have found his element in landscape architecture, which makes sense, given his affinity for conceptualizing, spatial ability, and his artistic nature. He's in Denmark at the moment on a scholarship, but was staying with Natasha Long in London when I heard from him --

Which leads to another person I've been going back and forth with over e-mail, Natasha Long. Aside from the fact I always thought she was highly shaggable, she's one of those women you always admire, for their poise and intellect, and I am glad she and I are in touch as well...apparently after having lived in North London for some time, she and her boyfriend, Mark, were having some rocky times, which prompted her to return to the U.S. -- she'd arrived here just before our NYE extravaganza in New Hampshire (which I'll have to get into some other time...), and met up with Eva Hatch to drive cross-country to San Francisco. However, she has since returned to the U.K. (I often forget she's a U.K. citizen because she was born in Bangkok) and is giving the relationship another try. Last I heard from her, she sounded just peachy, just having bought herself a brand new Diane von Furstenberg dress for a soiree she was headed to.

Speaking of Eva Hatch, I had a pleasant surprise this birthday, thanks to Susan, a.k.a. "Shug" Hanemann, who had told Eva about my birthday -- she called out of the blue from Seattle and we'd caught up. The last time she and I had communicated, she was in Michigan working on her MBA -- she is now happily married to Peter Skidmore and has had a baby...and is working for the Antichrist, Microsoft. I never really was very close with Eva, but I always admired her good spirit, that Utah upbringing shining through, I, she's also very attractive. Come to think of it, most all of our women friends in college were attractive...and intelligent...and well-humored (GREAT stories to tell...coming soon to a post near you). No wonder it was so damn incestuous.

Irregardless, speaking of Antichrists...Susan Hanemann and I have been in regular touch nowadays, ever since her arrival in New York, working for the other Antichrist, Martha Stewart. I suppose I should be nicer, given she'll be wearing orange very soon, but I never really liked Martha Stewart...she always gave me the creeps. But, Shug (who got this nick because she's from Memphis and used to call everyone "Shug," as in "sugar") seems to be happy working there -- I never knew Shug was such the chef, and every time I begin to say that, I begin to remember the fact she had owned a gourmet cafe/restaurant until her recent jaunt into New York City. She constantly hosts gatherings at her new apartment she shares with fellow Tufts Alumnus, Brad Felix, which is always a great occasion to catch up with people, and enjoy great food.

Anyhow, I guess all the reconnecting has taken place primarily because of two things -- my birthday a few weeks ago and joining Friendster -- aside the third, which is, given the people I came across this past year, I needed to get back in touch with good people I knew I can trust.

Nevertheless, I found a bunch of people through Friendster I hadn't spoken to in a while, like Aric Boyles (Discovery Channel), Josh Weinstein (R.C.D.S.), Alex Muller (Tufts), Pascal & Christopher Buckley (Tufts), and Jane and Anne (youngins...but HOT youngins).

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