Sunday, May 02, 2004


I will say, that, living where I do, sandwiched between Bellevue Hospital and the Armory (which became the crisis center for the missing), the amount of missing peoples notices in the neighborhood, pasted on walls of buildings, telephone poles, cars, even the pavement, became somewhat overwhelming, and that is aside the strong military presence with the hum-vees parked all along my street, side-by-side with the news vans. It was a painful month -- that is aside the fact that an acquaintance, who was in WTC1 and managed to get out in time, only to be dragged into a side alley and raped. It was truly one of the worst, stressful times in my life, although it was heartening to see the city come together in a way that this city has never done in my memory.

Of course, WTC was a big deal for me personally as well, since I was born in 1973, and the twin towers were the big topic of town as I was growing up. Thankfully, there were no one I knew personally in the towers, except for a childhood friend who had just joined the Fire Department, who was on WTC7 when it collapsed -- he was fine, save for some minor eye injuries...



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