Saturday, May 15, 2004

Jeremy Tick's "credentials"

There were other things around this time that I really should have been more attentive to in regards to Jeremy Tick's credibility. For one, he didn't have his own checking account. For two, when I'd suggested he look into collecting unemployment in order to help sustain himself in the coming months, he wasn't eligible to collect unemployment.

Again, I didn't really think about it at the time, and instead, in my eagerness to help, I'd offered to let him use my personal checking account for the time being -- truly a stupid move on my part. [(an OBVIOUS) Lesson Number 3: NEVER, EVER, EVER let anyone else access your personal checking account unless you really truly know them well enough, and even then, for only a short-term, for emergencies only -- like DUH, right??]

Also, the very fact he wasn't eligible to collect unemployment is somewhat suspect, since, almost anyone who has worked at least six months in a (I believe) 12 or 18 month period is eligible, at least, in New York State -- to this day, I'm really not certain why he wasn't eligible for unemployment, especially since he claimed to have worked for Dean & Deluca in New York City and also at a diner in Albany. I can only venture a guess that the diner may have been paying him under the table in cash and/or that he actually really didn't work for at least six months within a period of 12-18 months up to December 2001. I didn't really press the issue much at the time since I thought it was a relatively private issue. However, given that this was someone I was allowing to LIVE in MY apartment, going into BUSINESS WITH, and ALLOWING into my PERSONAL CHECKING ACCOUNT, I really truly should have pressed for clear answers that were factually backed.

Nevertheless, in a similar vein, all of these factors are obvious as somewhat suspect in hindsight, yet, as many of my colleagues and I have come to agree that, most of us hardly suspect that these things are indicative of other things, since most of us WANT to believe that all people are "good" people at the core. Even in an extreme instance, such as one with my most recent encounter with a business associate (whom I'll get to later on) who ultimately ended up date raping someone I know, even after the fact it happened, when the girl who was raped and I talk, underneath the obvious rage that she and I both feel, we still want to believe somehow that there is a "decent" person in there, despite an obvious criminal and horrendous act.

With that said, however, that belief does not -- and should never -- equate to condoning those actions. My most important lesson I've learned is that: [Lesson Number 4: there are people that, whether consciously or subconsciously, PREY on this basic belief of many people that WANT to believe that all people are good, and TAKE ADVANTAGE of those inclinations of others for their own, and only their own, benefit.]

I sincerely hope for the sake of many that they will not have to learn this lesson on their own -- it is an unpleasant truth to have to encounter. I have yet to decide if I am fortunate or unfortunate for having learned this lesson at this stage in my life. I'm inclined to say I am fortunate overall, since I have learned the lesson, yet I really prefer that this planet was devoid of such people altogether. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, however, it is because of these types of people I have really become appreciative of the innumerous good people I have been fortunate enough to encounter otherwise in my life.

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