Friday, May 07, 2004

Recap of the week

By the by, this week has been another good one in terms of getting back in touch with old friends/good people...of note, touched base briefly with Meredith Melling last week, who seems to be doing well over at Conde Nast/Vogue; met up with Adeo Ressi whom I used to work for, along with his brother Alex -- they're both heavily involved in the new company which is doing well and things are looking very good for's funny how it is a small world after all -- Farnsworth had just mentioned something about the X Project and, coincident enough, Adeo is one of its benefactors...; Mac Premo, whose book project seems to be going well and is now in Belfast; Jake Sherman, although still in Afghanistan, has published his book and seems to be moving forward with the wedding in July; Nathan Wilson, from R.C.D.S., whom I hadn't spoken to since pretty much around then, who is now back from Oregon, after working as a forest fire fighter, to begin with Medic School; that I list it up like this, I really have been reconnecting with quite a few people...! Because the list goes on....which I'll have to get back to later...


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